30 March 2005

The Force is almost with me.

I'm still trying to figure out how to drive this suckah. I'm no techie. Just trying to construct a website with comics, music and rants. If anyone knows how to put MP3s on a Homestead page or on a blog drop me an email and teach me your crazy space man ways.

Star Wars fever is building. It hardly seems like three years since the last film. I'm starting to get my nerd on in anticipation. I've been watching the Clone Wars cartoon DVD over and over. I've watched Episodes One and Two in the past week. I've even nerded out with the Star Wars novels. Personally, I consider all those novels over-paid fan fiction but, nonetheless, I've read Labyrinth of Evil (Awesome!) and am about a third of the way through Jedi Trial (Crap!). Good times. This weekend the real mania hits the fan as the toys roll out and once again, I'm a four year old... again... for the sixth time...
Dork Wing 5 out!
Your best friend ever,
Shannon Smith
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