08 May 2005

Free Comics, cheap hot dogs, good times.

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. My daughter and I got up early, (well, she gets up early everyday) ate some eggs and hit the road for free funnies. We were two of the first peeps at the shop and bagged a good stack of free funnies. I got almost everything I wanted from this year's offerings.
I've not read them all but so far the best are
Funny Book, Alternative Comics Presents, Owly: Splashin' Around, Comics Festival, The Adventures of Paul, Bone Sharps, Cowboys and Thunder Lizards and for guilty self-indulgence... Star Wars.
All and all, my Padawan nerdling learner and I, nerd master supreme, scored about 25 comics for the grand price of... FREE!!! The youngling also got a Scooby-Doo sketch from D.C. Comics' Cartoon Network line of funnies artist Robert Pope. (At least I think that was his name. Sorry if not.)
So far, Funny Book, Alternative Comics Presents and Owly are my faves because they have some of my favorite comic book maker type folks. Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, Sophie Crumb, Dan Clowes, James Kochalka, Robert Ullman, Dean Haspiel, fellow Georgistanian Andy Runton and believe it or not... more. Don't believe me, just click the above links. Then only way my loot could have been more glorious would have been if I had made it over to
Criminal Records to visit the Cute Girl Demographics gang and see what new stuff they had but sidekick and I were hungry. Oh well, I'll be seeing those peeps in Charlotte at HeroesCon where I will unleash my new funny book Brush and Pen. (Samples coming soon!)
After comics, the youngling and I went home where I fixed up a mess of my favorite foods. Hot dogs and tater tots. Tons of chili. Tons of onions. Ketchup, mayo, mustard etc. Good times.
Your best pal ever, (Really, you are like a brother/sister/cousin to me.)
Shannon Smith
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