07 August 2005


I spent last Sunday at Zine-a-palooza in sunny Duluth, GA. I had a really great time, sold some comix and picked up some good loot. It was a nice and cozy small show in a comfortable ball room. Not bad for a first year show. The guest list probably contained more people I'm a fan of than some mainstream shows. I shared table space with my pals Brad and Jennifer from Cute Girl Demographics. Brad gave me this bad ass Yogi Bear sticker he made. My daughter promptly decided it was hers.
Some of the fine peeps I met back in January at Fluke were there so it was cool trade new books with familiar faces. I picked up some cool stuff from J.P. Coovert, Patrick Dean, Mary Jessica Hammes, Delaine Green, and others who's names I will remember as I read my way through my stack of loot. (Still reading stuff I picked up at HeroesCon. Yipes!) I spent a lot of time talking to John Pence, editor of The Blotter, who just happens to be a Virginia boy all growed up and moved away just like myself. I had a nice time talking with Marten Jallad of Thwak and Jokester magazines. He was telling us about how hard it was to get a humor magazine in Diamond's catalog. He said something to the effect of "I though lots of people would want to read a magazine where they could get their giggles". I'm with him. I know there is an audience out there that just wants to get their giggles. As soon as I find it, I'll let Marten know where it is and how to get their money.
I was also pleased to meet one of my brand new heroes, Jack Saunders. Jack is, well... hard to describe. I picked up a pamphlet from him and a novel called Bukowski Never Did This. The novel is one of the most interesting things I've ever read. I'm not good enough as a writer to give it a review that would do it justice so I'll just quote the book itself..."What genre is it? The nonfiction novel, or fictional autobiography, of course. The question is, what genre isn't it?" Its about the craziest thing I've ever read and I'm quite certain it may just be the first breakthrough in the American novel since the beat generation. Whatever it is, I suggest everyone vist Jack's website and try to get a copy. I ain't letting you borrow mine. Jack has inspired me to reconsider the possible applications of both paper and the intromonet and I intend to steal from him with reckless abandon. I apologize in advance.
I love you like a muppet loves a manicure.
Your best friend ever,
Shannon Smith
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