15 October 2006

BAM! On Sale Now! (New low price!)

UPDATE: 11/06/06.

BAM! Now on sale here for a new low price of $14.99!
BAM! Now os sale as an E-book!
Buy, buy, buy!

As I've mentioned before, I am a part of what is probably the biggest mini-comic anthology of all time. 500 pages of comics for a retail price of $25. That is a great deal but I'm going to sell it here for only $23 and I'll cover the shipping. (At least until I find out I can't afford to. ) So, please check out my store, buy up some BAM! and throw in some of my other funnies for kicks.
I will be shipping through the good old USPS but if you need your BAM! faster you should be able to purchase BAM! from Amazon or Lulu soon and they will be glad to take your money for faster shipping. I will have that link posted here as soon as I get it.
The official BAM! website is currently being built here.
Check it out and buy up some fresh hot BAM!
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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