30 March 2008

Bible Sketch. David and Goliath.

Here is another pencil drawing for the Bible comic. It's pretty messy because I'll be taking care of the blood and shadows in the inking stage. I wanted to scan it in now because it really won't look much like this after I ink it and my pal, Future Shannon, said it would be neat to compare the two but that there wouldn't be anything to compare if I didn't scan it before I started inking. Future Shannon is so smart. I had fun drawing the little soldiers in the background but really the only part of the image that means anything is David's face and posture. The drawing steals equally from Donatello, Michelangelo and Alex Raymond but I'm so sloppy I doubt anyone would notice. The posture is similar to the classic sculptures but I wanted him to look much younger which is why I gave him a awkward head and a bigger nose. I wanted him to have that gangly not quite past puberty look but at the same time to look confident and defiant. Future Shannon assures me that the finished inked version will be at least 15% more awesomer.
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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