21 May 2008

You need to go to HeroesCon & Indie Island. I am.

I am very excited about being a guest in Indie Island at this year's HeroesCon June 20-22. HeroesCon Creative Director and MC of Awesomeness Dustin Harbin has been very kind and posted nice words about me at their blog. I've been a part of HeroesCon's Artist Alley in previous years but this is my first time as a guest. Even if I were not a guest I would still want to go. HeroesCon is the most fan friendly, indie friendly and kid friendly show I've ever been too. As a fan I've met, received sketches and even had drinks with some of my comics heroes. (I rode the elevator with Lou Ferrigno once. I was dying to ask him to throw me through a wall but I chickened out. I bet Dustin Harbin would throw me through a wall though.) As a creator I've met a lot of smiling faces that are very supportive of my brand of indie comics goodness. Shelton Drum and Dustin Harbin are two of the coolest guys in the funnybook biz and work tirelessly from open to close to make sure all the fans and guests are having a great time. If you are a fan, you need to go to HeroesCon. If you are a creator, you need to go to Heroes Con.

Here is what you need to do:
Go to the HeroesCon site and bask in the glory of it's mighty guest list.
Go to the Indie Island site and weep tears of joy at the sight of it's mighty guest list.
Go to the schedule page and start marking your calendars for when and where you need to be.
Order your tickets.
Book your hotel room.
Buy a T-shirt.
Live happily ever after.
Rinse. Repeat.

I'll be somewhere on Indie Island with my favorite Cute Girls, Brad McGinty and Josh Latta. I'll have some freshly printed copies of my Small Bible as well as a new printing of Brush & Pen, my foldies, a new Bag of Savages and hopefully at least one new goodie just for my pals at HeroesCon. I also plan to offer a free sketch with each purchase. More on all that as we get closer to the show and I get closer to having everything printed up.
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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