31 July 2008

Hanging out at Cavalier Comics.

Here are some pics from the creator meet and greet at Cavalier back on July 19th that I totally forgot about. As mentioned in a previous post, the whole thing was captured for local access TV. I watched it last night. Pretty good actually. When I see myself on TV (I used to work in local access myself) I always have the same thoughts. "Who is that person, what the heck is he talking about and what language is that mush mouth gibberish?" It's surreal.
That's Jeremy Massie on the left and yours truly on the right. If you are thinking we look like we just cleaned out an entire cruise ship's dinner buffet you are wrong. We just look that way. Actually, I look nothing like that. That's just a bad photo. In that photo I look at least 196 pounds but honest to goodness, I only weigh 195! In real life I look just like Johnny Depp's, Orlando Bloom's and Tom Brady's genetic miracle lovechild. Honest!)

David Flanery gets into some Descartes level thought about the nature of his pen while Jeremy knocks out another masterpiece.

Is that a young Brian Michael Bendis with better teeth? No kids, it's Jeremy Massie thinking about how any minute now he'll be making mad Brian Michael Bendis cash. If only he had a third name.

While Wayne Osborne explains everything you ever needed to know about writing comics and bending the mighty John Byrne to his will, David Flanery approaches ink pen elightenment.

Brian, proud owner of Cavalier Comics says, "Yeah, this is my town. No one gets comics in this town unless I say so suckah." (He didn't actually say "suckah" but the rest of this post is 100% true.)
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
p.s. I got some awesome dirt cheap comics while I was at Cavalier. An issue of Rom, a Yosemite Sam book, two Uncle Scrooge books and a Herb Trimpe drawn trucking comic that defies reason so much I had to buy it... the first issue of U.S. 1. Take that true believers! If any one object can sum up the 1980's it is this comic. Trust me. There is nothing else like it.

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