19 November 2008

Shannon's comics in Shiot Crock 14

A re-formated version of Shannon's minicomic Small Bible is featured in the latest Shiot Crock.  Small Bible can be purchased here.

Here is a look at what some of the other Shiot Crock contributors had to say about Shannon's comic.

"Good stuff all around. Pages 4 and 5 are top-notch. Well drawn, well lettered, well composed, and interesting to look at. Excellent." -eric

"Great stuff. Your art is the best I’ve seen from you. This seems to be a project you care a lot about. As a Christian, I’m glad to see you taking the Bible and it’s message seriously and do it some justice. I enjoy your lack of cynicism." -Barry Rodges

"I read it all. Promised Mom I’d go to church this week ---- Done! Thought you did a great job capturing the time period in your art. Lots of detail. Did you draw these for anything in particular? Weren’t you afraid the Crock would explode into flames with this inside?" -Karen Lucas

"I like the use of tones, etc. That flying faceless character is very evocative." -David Robertson

"I've looked it over, brilliant drawings and compositions, but I'm suspending reading the thing until I can get a bible and cross reference these stories." - M. Campos

"The art is the best S.S. I've ever seen. Those cute little family comics never prepared me for this." -Klopner
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