27 February 2009

The sadness that is the empty newsstand.

I've mentioned before that the sum total of my comic book options between the town I live and the town I work are the Shonen Jump and Archie digest magazines I can find at the grocery store, drug store and Wal-Mart.  Well, those few options just went down to about nothing.  I was in the local grocery store last night, Food City, and I saw that all the newsstand fixtures were empty.  Not one magazine in the entire store.  It was sad looking.  It looked like the store was going out of business.  I asked the lady at the register what was going on and she said the magazine distributor went bankrupt.  Naturally, I put my nerd powers to work and found this article explaining the debacle.  I don't spend a lot of money on comics at these stores but it sure is sad not to see them or any magazines there at all.  It's kind of like driving through the park and noticing all the trees are missing.  I'm sure that Food City will pick up another distributor soon if the previous one can't work things out.  Until then, the grocery store will be a sad looking place.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

(Image taken from Archie's Pals n' Gals Double Digest #127.)

UPDATE: As of last night, 3/2/09, the magazine racks are still empty.  Sadness.

UPDATE: As of this morning, 3/12/09, the racks are still empty but they do have some of the new weeklies like People and all the gossip garbage at the registers.  Still no Archie or Shonen Jump.  Still sad. 
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