24 April 2009

Iron Man: Armored Adventures is terrible.


That cartoon has about as much to do with Iron Man as a Ronald McDonald commercial. It's got a guy in a red and yellow suit but that's about it. And honestly, that's not the worst thing about this stinker. The worst thing is that it is boring.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say this and if I take heat for it then so be it. Consider this an open letter to all custodians of comic book properties that seek to turn those properties into cartoons:


I will tell you your idea sucks and that you should go back and read the original comics that made the property something people might want to see in a cartoon. I will do this for free. If you think you are so smart that you have a better idea than the idea behind the property you are looking to exploit, then by all means, go ahead with that idea. Just give it a new name cause it ain't the same thing! I mean, really. How do you walk into Marvel and say, "Ya know that big hit movie you had? We want to make a cartoon using the names of the characters from that movie but here's' the twist... it won't be anything like your hit movie?" How does that happen? BECAUSE MARVEL DID NOT CONSULT ME FIRST!

This is all.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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