29 June 2009

Hawkman, Kamandi and Wonder Woman at Rob Con.

Here are some drawings from this past Saturday's Rob Con, a comic book show in the Bristol Mall in TN. Above is just a pencil quick sketch of Hawkman but I decided to play around with it and drop in some quick colors using a DC style guide I found online somewhere a while back. This is just super quick coloring using the eye dropper and paint bucket tool and stealing those DC colors.
This is the pencil drawing sans color.
Here is a pretty lousy Kamandi pencil drawing I did with the same color experiment.
And here are the Kamandi pencils.
My seven year old daughter Kassidy sold more comics at the show than I did. This his her drawing of Wonder Woman with the same color tricks.
Here is Kassidy's pencil sketch of Wonder Woman.
And here is the DC style guide I stole from.

The show was cool but I feel safe in saying that myself, my family, Jeremy Massie and his posse were the only people there that had ever seen a minicomic before. Not really an indie crowd. But, Kassidy found a lot of good girl-centric comics and toys for cheap. I found an issue of Kamandi I was missing. Good times.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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