02 September 2010

Monkey see monkey sketch.

This is a quick pencil sketch I did of Iron Man at HeroesCon.  I did this one from memory.  This is the definitive Iron Man armor in my mind.  Not the first armor and not the latest armor but it's the main armor from when I read the comics as a kid in the 80's.  Even dismissing the nostalgia I still think it's the best version of the armor.  It's basically a man in a space suit as opposed to the versions from the past decade or so where it looks like a big bulky robot.  Too much Robotech influence in the recent versions for me.

The following images are random drawings in my sketchbook.  They are mostly just plain old ball point pen.  They are mostly examples of aping other artists.  I do that a lot for warm up drawings before I start making comics.  Sometimes I do this to try and learn something from the masters.  Sometimes I do it just because I see something that looks fun to draw.  Most of these are imitations of stuff I saw in this year's FCBD books.  I'll mail out a one of a kind No-Prize to the first person that can correctly name in the comments all the artists I'm ripping off.

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith
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