12 August 2011

Super Kids List-O-Friends

I'm a big fan of the ancient business practice of writing things down.  I have notebooks and post-its all over the place.  Most of which contain lists.  I make a to-do list at least once a day.  I hate working but I love scratching things off lists.  I work at home from time to time and often take my notebooks and post-its back and forth between home and office.  

I found the above list in one of my notebooks.  It is not a list that I created.  It is a list created by my nine year old daughter.  She has created her own super hero group called The Super Kids.  The list documents the Super Kid's friends.  

There are three things on this list that really impress me:

1)  Yes.  Super Lois is a character of critical importance and should be on any list of important super heroes, characters or friends.  

2) Ditto Plastic Man and Bat-Mite.

3)  My daughter can spell the word "friends".  I've been working on that for over three decades and still do not have any idea where to put the "i" and the "e".

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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