21 June 2012

The Sickness of Fandom

I wrote a little four page story about the magic of the comic book spinner rack for J. Chris Campbell's full color anthology zine titled The Sickness of Fandom.  It is published by Wide Awake Press and also features Scott Elingburg, Ashley Holt, Josh Latta, Van Jensen, J Chris Campbell and Robert Venditti.  What I've seen of it so far is pretty great.  J. Chris will have copies on hand at the Wide Awake Press section of Indie Island at HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC.  If you are going, you should find him and get a copy.  You should also buy everything else the WAP guys have on hand.  The Sickness of Fandom may be available online in the future.  I'll keep ya posted.

Oh, and HeroesCon is this weekend.  I blabbed on and on and on about it over at file under other

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Shannon Smith

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