05 September 2005

Katrina Relief

From now through the end of October if anyone buys a three dollar copy of Brush and Pen I will donate the three dollars to UMCOR for hurricane relief. I cover the cost of the comic and the postage and get your donation to UMCOR as fast as you send it. I will try to throw in as many extras as I have including small sketches. Brush and Pen is a black and white mini-comic with a cardstock cover and it usually makes people smile or laugh. It makes a nice little gift.
I've got a pay pal account (spagehttijunk@bellsouth.net) but I'm not real sure how to use it for anything other than an eBay sell so the easiest thing would probably be to send a check or cash. The address is...
Shannon Smith
2788 Cordite Loop
Snellville, GA 30039

You can check out and donate to UMCOR here.
There is also a thread about other cartoonist tying to help out here.
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

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