01 September 2005

Reviewed by Optical Sloth

Whitey at Optical Sloth recently posted a pretty positive review of Brush and Pen. I had asked for impartial and even negative feedback because you so seldom hear it from friends and customers. His biggest complaint would be the lack of backgrounds. I see his point because the pages are pretty empty but I made the decision early on to draw it that way. I figure in a story where the characters themselves exist to make marks and lines and ink is a precious substance, there should be no unnecessary marks on the page. The only backgrounds I drew were establishing shots. Every other line on the page exists either to represent a character or to represent a line the characters themselves have drawn.
The next installment of Brush and Pen probably will have a lot more backgrounds though because I plan to explore Clicky's work environment as well as the city itself. The more crowded a location in Clicky's world is with other pens, brushes and pencils, the more cluttered the location would be with random marks and lines.
Yeah, I'm crazy.
Whitey also thought I could have used some punctuation in the dialog but I loves me some run-on-sentences because I like to keep my dialog true to the way real people or brushes and pens talk, with run-on-sentences they just keep going and going until they either get interrupted by someone else, make their point or forget what their point was, what was I saying...
Oh yeah, check out the review but more importantly, check out Brush and Pen.
In other Brush and Pen news, one of my favorite publishers was nice enough to email me and let me know he thought Brush and Pen was a great deal of fun but that I need to work on my chops. I agree.
Your best friend ever,
Shannon Smith

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