12 January 2006

Third Impressions of The Strokes

I'm a big fan of The Strokes first two albums but their new rekerd is big step forward. Thank God someone in the rock and or roll is smart enough to see that guitars can do anything computers and keyboards can do while having the advantage of not sounding like Styrofoam. I think it is awesome that in this producer's age, them Strokes boys have had the guts to learn how to play their instruments. It's amazing how much better musicians sound when they take the radical leap and actually learn some scales and arpeggios. Wow! Amazing! What's that odd sound that you never hear on the radio these days? Oh, they used to call that music? Wow! I'd like some of that!
Casablancas has also come a long way. I liked him on the first two rekerds but the the production was harsh. The vocals on those two rekerds should like they were recorded with a Mr. Microphone and a 1981 $10 boom box. I'm glad the gang chipped in and bought the boy a good microphone. Now I can clearly hear the Dean Martin/Lou Reed drunken love child crooning as well as I can hear the rest of the band.
My favorite toon on the rekerd is Electricityscape. It has this awesome riff that reminds me of the theme from the John Carpenter film Starman. The post-punk Beatley toon Ask Me Anything is quite interesting. I think the lyrics are well in-touch with the current mood of my slacker generation. "I'd like a part. I'd like the lead, but I've got nothing to say." It has that same feeling of what I call aggressive apathy as some of the toons on Radiohead's Kid A. (Another of my fav-o-rite rekerds. )
First Impressions of Earth is not as poppy or accessible as their first two tries, it's just better. I recommend the rock and or roll faithful give it a listen.
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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