04 April 2006

Brush and Pen in Shiot Crock 11

Here are some comments about Brush and Pen from the Shiot Crock 11 review thread at The Comics Journal's message board.

"Hilarious. Freaking hilarious. At first I was wondering why bother using the pens as a metaphor for people if they were the same, but once Q suggested that Clicky find a job with a compulsive clicker or lucky pen, I realized what I was in for. Funny stuff all the way through. Bravo. I'm a sucker for a happy ending too. I'll be hitting your site too, looking for more of your material."

"Very sweet story. I like it when the underdog gets the beautiful woman…and it all works out. Sex is everything in a successful relationship. The ‘black’ page tells it all. Perfect, precise ‘drawing.’ Love it. Loved the play on words…referencing the writing utensils."

"Page 18, last panel: anyone who can make a brush look sexy is okay by me. Girlfrined like this one, so that's a good endorsement."

"Very cool, very clever. Will we ever see them again?"

"I loved the small format. I miss seing minis that are this long, too. Most people think that "mini" means they can get away with only putting like 5 cartoons in a book (see above). I really liked the story. These characters are characters I could read several books of. They are interesting. I think they look a bit like you are trying to draw them really quickly. I don't mean to say that your drawings are bad, but that they could be better. Also, as you have mentioed, backgrounds would make this look a heck of a lot better. Don't fall short on the next one because this seems like the kinda thing that will either be talked about because of the time you put into it, or it will be tossed aside as a "cute" story because of the time you didn't pput into it. I also liked the ending. Thanks for making sex clean again, as that is something I haven't seen in a long time. Brush and Pen really love each other, they don't just hump each other..."

"I like the lovemaking scene. The different lines they make are a good analogy for personalities merging. The story reads well. It’s cute overall."

"I think Brush and Pen is a very clever idea. It's again, a fully thought-out world for the characters to inhabit, and I enjoyed it a lot. The writing and the pacing of the story is first rate. Great fun."

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