08 April 2006

I Got Fluked

Last week I set up and sold the funnies a the Fuke Mini-Comics and Zine Fest in Athens, GA. I love any excuse to go to Athens and I had a great time hanging out with all my comics peeps. My good pal Brad McGinty was there with two new issues of Autobiocrapical which made me go into knee-slapping-fits-of-har-har-funny. Brad has a cool new website you should check out as well. I had a new story about Phillip Henry which I will post here soon. For those that have read it already, yes it is a true story.
I sold and traded a bunch of comics and came home with a ton of new comics to read. I'll post some pictures and notes on what I got as soon as I finish reading all of them.
People have posted pictures from Fluke
here and here.
Your best pal ever,
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