09 May 2006

Free Comic Book Day 2006

(This is a few days after the fact but THE COMPUTRO and Blogger were not co-operating.) For the past three years it has been tradition for my daughter and I to go out and get some comics on Free Comic Book Day. Unfortunately I had to work this year so I was only able to run by the local comic shop, Comic Universe, on my lunch break. They only had the kids books but I understand. We are in a county where there is currently a law suit to remove Harry Potter from the schools so I won't fault a small business owner for not ordering adult comics. Luckily the critically acclaimed Rob Venditti was there from Top Shelf and he had the cool new Owly freebie.
Still, I loves me some grown up comics, so on Sunday, my daughter and I made the trek inside the perimeter to Oxford comics. I've often said Oxford comics is the best shop in Atlanta and I just knew they would not let me down. I just knew they would have the FCBD books from Fantagraphics, AdHouse, Drawn & Quarterly and other surprises. They could never let me down.
They let me down.
They only had the kids books as well. They didn't' even have the Owly book I picked up in Snellville.
This made water come out my eyes.
So, if anyone knows where I can get the FCBD books for grown ups, let me know.
The kids books were not all bad. Kassidy likes looking at the Jusitce Leauge and Archie books and we both enjoy the Donald Duck book. The Bongo comic is very funny and I'm a Star Wars nerd so a free Star Wars comic ain't bad.
I'm still a bit sad though. 2006 has seen at least two of the the Atlanta area's better shops close and then on FCBD I ask Oxford comics if they have the book from Drawn & Quarterly and they act like they have never heard of such a company? I don't get it. Why can't small business owners who don't make a whole lot of money stock there stores based entirely on what I want and then give it to me for free? Is that too much to ask?
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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