13 June 2006

Pretty Good Website

From Logan Polk's Loose Staples: "I realize that this little fact may not be apparent to everyone on the planet wanting to promote their comic (or comics), but the internet can be a pretty useful tool. A lot of indy comics creators have caught on to this fact, and have crafted some pretty good websites to try and get their product to the public. In my last column I linked to Andy Runton's site, where he promotes his line of Owly books, distributed by Top Shelf. Also, in a recent review, I linked to the website of Brush and Pen creator Shannon Smith. Both of them have informative, unique sites that not only give you info about buying their books, but give you previews of the stories as well. Since then I've been scouring the internet to find some others of their ilk. And by scouring I mean typing random phrases into Google to see what happens." More.
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