17 July 2006

Phillip 1 & 2 Reviewed by Comicreaders

Reviewed by Chad Boudreau
Shannon Smith sent us two four-page shorteys featuring a kid named Philip. He's one of those odd kids from the elementary schoolyard. You know the kind of kid I'm talking about. Every school has at least one or two. The paste eater, the kid who likes to be naked, the kid who had to wear a helmet to school, you know, the real oddest duck in the pond. That's the kind of kid Phillip was. He liked to staple his own fingers, he liked lewd limericks, he liked to sneak into the girls' bathroom, and he loved Linda Carter / Wonder Woman. It was the latter, Shannon Smith reminisces in this biographical tale, which caused Philip to latch his little 6th grader hands on to the bosom of his black haired, curvaceous teacher.
These two little mini comics are plainly drawn and heavy in text, but enjoyable nonetheless, if only for the fact it will turn your mind to memories of the strange kids that populated your own schoolyard.
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