30 August 2006

First Spaghetti Junktion Comic Complete and Free!

I've just posted the last page of the first issue of Spaghetti Junktion in glorious color. Well, I ain't saying its a great comic and I ain't saying the colors are great but it is a comic and it is in color. I learned a lot from making the first Spaghetti Junktion mini-comic waayyy back in 2002 and I learned a lot from digging it up and coloring it waayy back in, well, like ten minutes ago. Anywho, you can read the whole thing here, or start with the cover by clicking here. Or read it by clicking each daily post starting with 8/15/06. I've not decided on the best way to present a web comic on a blog for free so bare with me for now. You will probably have to click on each page to get a larger more readable image until I figure out a better format. The second issue of Spaghetti Junktion, "Comics Ate My Soul", will be available here in color sooner and/or later. (My money is on later. I'm a busy dude and I've got a lot of other projects to draw.) If you like thems there funnies, spread the word yo.

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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