10 August 2006

Slacker Politix Sneak Peak

I am currently working with a dozen or so collaborators on a semi-political comics anthology book called Slacker Politix. I have been hesitant to talk about it here or post any samples because there are several different stories covering such a wide variety of topics and opinions that one sample can not do it justice. That being said, I've spent the past few days playing with photoshop and I want to show off the three pages I've worked on... so, without further adieu, clickity click click clack for a sneak peak of Slacker Politix. (And yes, this story is also my latest Shiot Crock submission so, if you are a Crockster and don't want to ruin that Christmas morning feeling of getting comix in the mail, don't click the link.)
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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