28 May 2007

...a day long remembered.

Our Star Wars Anniversary Part at Borders went over so well you would think we had a plan or knew what we were doing. I don't know exactly how many people (and Wookies, Yodas etc.) were there but we really could not have fit may more. Thanks to the 501st and the Macon Clones for putting on a great evening and making lots of kids (and grown-up kids) happy. Thanks to Paul McDonald for starting the whole thing, Ryan Baker for helping out and spreading the word (plus entertaining the kiddies) and the Ward family for keeping the whole thing in order when I was ready to just take the cake and hide in the elevator.

For anyone out there that wants to know how to put on a great Star Wars party, here is what you do: Make a flyer announcing the party. Hang it up. Wait until the day the party happens. Sit back and enjoy as Star Wars fans show up out of nowhere. Oh, and buy a big, big, big cake.

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

(And yes, I am aware I miss-spelled Blockade Runner.)
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