16 September 2007

Rock is dead they say...

Do I really think Rock is dead? No. But I do feel that in the eternal cosmic war between Good and Suck, that Rock N' Roll is currently an unfortunate casualty that has gone into hiding. I don't blame the soldiers. The soldiers still believe. For every Jack White that keeps trying to save the airwaves there are a thousand kids across the globe learning to tune their first guitar in hopes of fighting the war against Suck someday. No, the soldiers are still out there. It is the generals who are losing the war. They have surrendered to Suck. Radio, MTV, the labels, the magazines, the producers, the industry has a whole has surrendered to Suck and I say good riddance. They will all be gone soon and it will the the best thing that could happen to Rock N' Roll. The only power they still maintain is manufacturing and distribution and soon that will be gone. iPods and YouTube will destroy the industry and rebuild it in the image of each musician's and each listener's choosing. It will be great. It's already better than the industry standard. Yeah, it will be different. There will be less big stars and more niche stars. But really, the pop star is already dead. The Justin Timberlakes and 50 Cents of the world consider it a blockbuster smash if they break 4 million in sales. Guns N Roses and Metallica used to sell 12 million without radio or MTV. Yes, the pop star is dead. Good riddance. Long live rock.
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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