07 October 2007

34 Years on Earth.

Yesterday was the first day of what will be my 35th year on Earth. (Assuming I live to see my 35th birthday.) In my 34 years ratteling around this planet I've learned a few things. These are not opinions. These are irrefutable facts based on 34 years of intensive research. Enjoy:
  • There is no such thing as a good place for a cat litter box.
  • Bellbottoms look cool but they are very dangerous when worn while riding a bicycle.
  • The founding fathers of these United States were some smart fellows. Big brains all around. They made some mistakes though. It was wrong to give lifetime appointments to one out of three branches of the Federal govenrment. It was wrong that the Supreme Court should be put in place by appointment at all. I mean, if your are going to go all modern (at the time) and be one of these new fangled democracy things then go for it. Be a democracy. Oh and about democracy, that whole electoral college thing... yeah... riiggght.
  • They also got it wrong with the Executive Branch. Big mistake. That much power on one person, elected or not makes one think they are a king and unfortunately, history has proven that we are stupid enough to treat them like kings. Unless your king is named Jesus or Elvis, kings are always a bad idea.
  • Ninjas > Pirates. Hygine is the determining factor.
  • Radiohead > Blur > Oasis.
  • Desire + practice > talent.
  • Flags are false idols and, like kings, a bad idea.
  • Pride is not a virtue.
  • There is no model of guitar currently in production that sounds better than a Martin HD-28.
  • If every alleged Christian in the United States read the book of Acts we would either (a) have to dismantle the nation's political and economic systems or (b) have a lot less wealthy Christians.
  • Greed is not a virtue. In fact, Greed is the father of Evil and his favorite weapons are ignorance and fear.
  • Knowledge is an illusion but the path to knowledge avoids the nets of ignorance and fear. If one can get close to knowledge without being blinded by greed they might just catch a glimpse of the divine.
  • In any situation, love is the always better than the other options.

And that's just about all I'm positive about in this world. Well, there are a few other things but I'm keeping them secret.

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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