19 December 2007

Three one pagers in Shiot Crock 13.

Here are some comments on my three pages in Shiot Crock 13 from the reveiw thread.

"I can relate --Nice pages, Shannon. "

"So YOU killed rock-n-rol! These strips are great. I think the only stuff I've seen from you is your Crock 11 submission, and this is very different. I'd like to see them in color. And I have to be somewhat of a hypocrite here. I know in Hunter's review, I said I didn't like auto bio, but I have to admit that if it is kept in this short and sweet format, I could grow to like it. It's funny you reference Kochalka's work in the last one. I hate auto bio, but I buy everything he does. I really love his art style, but in his diary strips, it is the format that keeps me interested. These strips are like them in the fact that they know where to start, and where to end. They are perfectly paced and funny. Good job. "

"Nice Shannon, again another great indy set. I especially like Daddy Don't Know Nothin'. I think it would be a very nice regular strip, in print or on the web."

"No comments other than I liked this material plenty. "
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