20 April 2008

Small Bible reviewed by Optical Sloth.

Man, Whitey at Optical Sloth is a mini-comic reviewing wizard. My Small Bible and Josh Latta's new Rashy Rabbit just debuted last week and he's already got reviews up. It makes me really ashamed of my slow pace with file under other.
Whitey's reaction is pretty much what I was hoping for. (Except that I was not trying to make God out to be a meanie or anything. The text is straight out of the Bible and people are free to interpret it in many ways as they have for many, many years.) The review is short so I'll just post it here but don't let that stop you from visiting Optical Sloth for other great reviews and resources.

Who needs to read all 920 clunky pages of the Old Testament when you could just go and read 9 pages of highly condensed mini comic? As someone who had the bright idea to read the Bible over the last summer I really wasn't sure what to expect here, but Shannon does manage to nail the high points. A brief synopsis of the relevant passage, a quote and an image later and you get the idea of things. Best of all there's no axe to grind here, no moral viewpoint he's pushing, just good old Bible stories. Bits in here include Joseph (you know, the guy with the technicolor dreamcoat), Moses trying to convince people of his veracity, and God being a general dick to his followers who doubted even a little bit, which seemed to happen a lot back then. Oh, and there's also the bit about the ass, but I don't want to spoil it. It's a fun comic for everybody, nothing to offend the overly religious types and it's pretty informative for the rest of us pagans.

Thanks Whitey!

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it, the Small Bible is on sale here.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

p.s. Go buy Josh's book too!
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