30 July 2008

Interviewed for ARC TV

I did a creator meet and greet at Cavalier Comics on July 19th and the fine chaps from ARC TV interviewed me. Apparently this interview will be shown using an ancient technological device known as a "television". Rumor has it, that if you live in southwestern Virgina and have one of these "televisions", you will be able to tune it to "channel 16" (What is a "channel"? Beats me. Google it.) and see me in all my nerdtacular glory. That's right folks! ARC TV, channel 16, Wed. 7/30 at 2:30 and 8:30 PM and Thurs. 7/31 at 10:30 PM. I have not seen it but if I remember correctly, they asked me some questions about comics or something. Tune in kids!
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