19 September 2008

Patrick Dean mailed me stuff.

What's better than getting stuff in the mail kids?  
No really.  You tell me.  What's better?  I can't think of anything.
Patrick Dean took playing MailCon to a whole new level and mailed me the awesome drawing/inking/painting pictured above.  Ain't that awesome!?  Visit his website to see more fan-frickin-tastic-ness.  I drew Patrick a picture of Ant-Man.  Thanks to the magical power of the introwebnet, you can see my drawing by clicking your mousy thing on these very words or by scrolling down a bit.
Hold on kids!  I just figured out what is better than getting stuff in the mail!  Getting stuff in the mail with a cool drawing on the envelope!  Ain't that cool?!
Exclamation point!
Patrick also threw in this picture of strangely familiar fellows.  I think they played the homecoming dance when I was in eight grade.
Now I know you are thinking, "Man, why does Shannon get to have all the fun?  If Shannon used up all the fun will there be any left for me? Why is my life so miserable?  Where is the nearest bridge and if I jump will it end my sorrow?"  Well cheer up Sad Sack.  You too can play MailCon!  Just click these words to find out how!
Exclamation point!

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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