03 October 2008

Jeremy Massie's The Deadbeat 4 at SPX.

Some time ago I reviewed Jeremy Massie's The Deadbeat series at file under other.  He's finished the fourth issue and should have it ready for debut at SPX this weekend.  I've not read it yet but I look forward to seeing it.  If you are going to SPX you should be on the look out for it.  (I hear rumors that the real Deadbeat will make an appearance.  I got that from my Bat-puter.)
Unfortunately because my lobbyists failed to convince congress to give me $700 billion dollars I will not be able to go to SPX this year.  However, if the stars align and a kid from Tatooine can shoot a big laser into a small hole then my minicomics will be at SPX without me.  Jeremy is going to be a swell pal and take some copies of Small Bible and Brush & Pen to SPX.  If you don't have these books already then make sure to drop by Jeremy's table and buy them up.  Make sure you buy his books too.  They are really good.  Have fun at SPX all my beloved comics pals!

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

I met up with Jeremy this morning and gave him a box of comics so Small Bible and Brush & Pen will be on sale at SPX for the super duper price of just $2 each.  Speaking of super, Jeremy has a real life super hero with him so if you are going to SPX you can't miss them.  Real life super hero!  Jeremy also gave me the new issue of The Deadbeat hot off the presses.  It looks really good.  It was hard for me to drive to work without reading it. It was hard for me not to turn to the last page and find out happens.   If you are going to SPX then make sure to swing by Jeremy's table and check out all four issues of The Deadbeat.  Have fun at SPX all you crazy kids!
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