10 October 2008

MailCon: Invisible Girl and Wonder Woman for Kurt Beaulieu

(Click the image to watch it grow.)

I drew this during lunch today for my Canadian pal Kurt Beaulieu.  (Sorry it took so long Kurt.)  I've been reading a lot of Essential Fantastic Four and I recently watched the New Frontier DVD so I've been wanting to put 60's Sue Storm (aka Invisible Girl, aka Invisible Woman aka Sue Richards ) and 40's Wonder Woman having a "girl talk" session.  
Have I mentioned how much I love decorated envelopes?!?
Kurt is a very good cartoonist.  You can check out his stuff here.   I like his comics and his style a lot.  I'm grateful that he sent along these cool drawings of his own.
Yes.  All Canadian women really look just like that.  It's true!

You too can play MailCon.  How you ask? Do I have to explain everything to you people?  Do I have to explain the whole dang introwebnet?  Okay, here is what you do.  First you reach behind your computer and make sure all the cords are plugged in... no silly, it's not that hard.  Just click here to find out how to play MailCon.

Thanks Kurt!  Be on the look out for a flying squirrel to deliver your MailCon sketch soon.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

p.s.  This drawing got posted in Stan Lee's MySpace and Facebook galleries.   Yeah, Stan Lee is all intronet 2.0 and he's like 138 years old.  Take that John McCain!
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