15 October 2008

Shannon Smith: Capitalist Running Dog!

Yep indoody my dear pals.  Those of you with your notice goggles on may have figured out that I've added some ads to bloggy town and file under other.  Simply put, I needs me some cizzash!  Daddy got to buy the childrens some clothes and food and Christmas presents. Will these ads generate any money?  Who knows?  Maybe?  Hopefully?  The only way they will is if I put them there so I have.  If you see an ad that interests you, then by all means, please click away and support these sponsors.  The introwebnet ain't free folks.  If you are an ad hater (I feel ya) then, well, sorry.  I don't' think they are all that distracting.  I'll try to keep them separate from all the site links and things my bloggy pals know and love.  I also find it fascinating to see what kind of businesses end up linked to my stuff through the magick of intronet-meta-tag-label-fu.  The randomness and occasional synergy of it all is quite amazing.  If you are looking to advertise here then please click the ads themselves and join the world or project wonderful or send me an email.  A great big thank you to the advertisers that have already signed up! (Some of them look really cool!) 

Exclamation point!

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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