04 November 2008

Go get your vote on! (For Obama.)

I just got to work after voting for Obama.  I hope all my pals will get out and vote (for Obama) if you have not already.  I especially hope my younger pals will get out and vote (for Obama).  I'm getting older.  I'm not in college anymore. "Back in the day" my peeps turned out in pretty good numbers for Clinton but it was not good enough.  He won but we did not make a strong enough statement.  It would really be exciting to see the young vote make a difference.  It could really change the face of politics.  Our leaders and the pundits would have to start listening to someone other than old rich white men.  So all you whiperesnappers out there, log off the introwebnet, put down the cell phone and the Wii and go vote (for Obama).  It's not just your right, it's a responsibility as a member of a democratic society.  
And to my Repbulican't pals out there;  I guess you should go vote too (for Obama).  If you have to vote for McCain we can still be pals.  Maybe you feel like you have to go with the NRA even though Obama is not going to take your gun rights away and Biden would not let him if he wanted to.  
Maybe you are one of my Christian pals that vote Republican't because of abortion even though Reagan, Bush and Bush 2.o never did anything to stop abortion.  Even though the Republican'ts will never give up such a huge donation generator.  Even though the fact is that if McCain was elected and woke up on his first day of office with a new passion about ending abortion (he's never done anything about it before) and invented a law over turning Roe V. Wade and then miraculously got it through the legislative branch and then got it to the Supreme Court and then got the Supreme Court to over turn Roe V. Wade... all that would do is put things back the way they were before Roe V. Wade and abortion would still be legal in many states. (My point here is that if you are pro-life, then make it happen locally.  Don't wait on the Republican'ts to do it for you because they never will.)  Even if, despite all that, you still suffer some delusion that a Republican't vote will fight abortion, then, I disagree with you but I still love ya and I want you to go vote (for Obama.)  
Or maybe economics is your thing.  Maybe you keep thinking that sooner or later trickle down economics will eventually trickle down to you.  Well shine on you crazy diamond.  The world needs toilet scrubbers too.  You just keep on making the rich richer and maybe one day they will get so rich something will trickle down to you.  Even if you believe all that, I still love ya and I still want you to vote (for Obama).

So... in short.  Go get yer vote on!

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

(p.s. Please go vote for Obama.)
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