19 November 2008

I think I invented Comics Kingdom.

In response to discussion inspired by The Comics Reporter, I recently theorized that...
... comics themselves are addictive. The medium or art form is addictive. If you put a comic in front of a person, they can't not read it. The internet will help in putting them in front of people. We just need to figure out how to get high traffic sites that pay for ads to realize they can drive repeat readers if they have regularly updated comics. I'm not talking comics web sites. I'm talking having a three or four panel comic on the side bar of Cnn.com or Google. Beyond that, embedded comics areas on all your social networking sites.
What has to happen is to build a new audience and the internet can do that but it won't be on comics only sites. It will be getting comics on existing sites and social networking tools. It has to be Internet 2.0 and beyond. It has to be people in their office going, Hey did you see that comic on CNN? No? Here, I'll forward it to your Facebook. Oh, you are offline? I'll send it to your cell. You can't expect the audience to come to you. You have to go to the audience.

All that sounds a little like Comics Kingdom's sales pitch to publishers and news sites.
  • Comics appeal to all ages.
  • Comics fans are extremely loyal and engaged.
  • Comics have always been a community-minded art form. Thanks to the Internet, the comics community is growing online and is more vibrant and vocal than ever.
  • Comics are an important and profitable facet of the entertainment industry. In 2007, ComicCon saw more than 125,000 attendees, exhibitors and professionals. The convention has grown in attendance each year.
  • Comics increase the stickiness and time spent on your site as the result of users who want to read multiple comic strips every single day.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

(And of course I'm don't think for one second that Comics Kingdom saw my idea.  They would have had this in the works for a long time to be able to debut it this week. My point is this... let the record show that for at least one time in history, people with money and resources have shared a similar idea as Shannon Smith.  Therefore, Shannon Smith is exactly 1% smarter than he tought he was this morning.  That is all.)
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