27 November 2008

Me am YouTubed.

I was interviewed by ARC TV at a signing I did back in July.  Now through the magic of the world wide introwebnet you can watch me get YouTubed.  I even have my own YouTube channel whatever the whatever the Stove Top Stuffing that means.  
Now, when you watch this video, some questions are going to come to mind.  Like...
1) Why does Shannon wince in pain when he answers questions?  Well, there could be several reasons.  a) The camera was shooting invisible lasers which were burning Shannon's flesh.  b) Like all of his comics appearances, Shannon did not sleep the night before the signing.  Shannon was up all night getting a yard sale together.  c) Shannon drank an energy drink just before the interview and the acid from the drink was eating him alive from the inside out.  d) Shannon was in freaking pain!
Another question that comes up may be... is that interviewer guy really seven feet tall?  Answer = yes!  
So, go ahead kids.  Watch my funny misshapen head emit incoherent mumble noises and ramble on about minicomics.  It's what all the cool kids are doing.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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