24 November 2008

Save Christmas 2008: The Sentry

Hey pals. It's that time of year where I desperately try to think of schemes to finance my Children's Christmas presents and other luxuries like, eating and electricity. I'll be digging stuff out of the basement over the next few weeks and throwing things up for sell on my eBay page.
First up are some comics. Pictured above is the cover of the San Diego Comic Con variant edition of The Sentry # 1 by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee. I'm selling it by itself because its a rare fancy pants variant thingamajigie that all nerds love and desperately need to have.
I'm also selling the complete first series of The Sentry from back in 2000. The first issue is pictured above and you will notice it is signed by the writer, Paul Jenkins. The lot contains the complete ten issue story and the first two issues are signed by Jenkins. I met Jenkins several times when I lived in Georgia. I think he lives in Lawrenceville. He was a super nice guy and very helpful and encouraging to me when I was first wrapping my brain around the idea of making comics. I really liked this series and I hate to sell these comics but as much as I like Paul Jenkins, I like my kids better. It also features some fantastic art by Jae Lee. I think that this (along with The Inhumans) is some of Lee's best work.
So, if you are one of those people that has what we referred to back in the 90's as "discretionary income", please consider buying some comics. Visit my eBay page and let the bidding begin.

Also, don't forget that I sell fine handcrafted minicomics that I made myself. You can buy those here.

Thanks pals!

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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