02 January 2009

Draw something everyday.

(1940's Wonder Woman pencil sketch drawn 01/01/09.)

It is hard for me to find time to draw but I've made a resolution to draw something every day this year. Most of that should be drawing on comics I have in the works. I probably will not post much of that here because I want to save it until the comics are finished. I will however try to post a lot more random sketches this year. The above pencil sketch was drawn on the couch during the last quarter of the Hokies victory over Cincinnati last night. It is Wonder Woman in the 1940's style. That is my favorite Wonder Woman look. I prefer the tight shorts to the skirt or the wonder panties she usually wears.  The drawing is not that great.  The arms and hands are all wonky and I got bored and drew big square Frank Miller looking chains instead of making a real effort.  Hey, it's just a quick sketch.  The tears and chains are from the source image I was aping.

Here is the panel that inspired my drawing. I found it in Jules Feiffer's book The Great Comic Book Heroes. It is drawn by H.G. Peter. I do not have many Wonder Woman comics and don't know the history but I like Peter's version of Wonder Woman as much or more than any other. She is movie star beautiful but big and athletic. In the comic Wonder Woman beats up a guy that had just beaten up an elephant. As you can see in the panel, Wonder Woman is chained. There sure was a lot of bondage in those old comics but that's a different discussion.
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Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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