21 January 2009

Sweet dog needs good home and room to run.

Take my dog... please.
I have a very cool dog that needs a home.  She is a great dog but she needs to be able to run a lot more than we are able to accommodate.  Even though we live in the country and there are hay fields to the left of me and cow fields to the right we have strict leash laws here and inconsiderate neighbors that don't like the idea of dogs that act like dogs.  So... I either need someone to give me the money to fence in my land or I need someone to give my doggie a good home.  We don't want to get rid of her but she really needs more running time than we can provide between jobs and a baby to take care of.  She is definitely part border collie (hence the need to run) and I think she might be a border Aussie.  If you live anywhere between Roanoke, VA and Bristol, TN and could use a good dog then please check her out on petfinder.  This rare one of a kind collectible comes with awesome accessories such as leash, crate, bed, toys, bowl and infinite tail wagging.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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