09 February 2009

Getting closer.

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I was talking to Josh Latta last week and I was saying that I don't think anyone has figured out webcomics yet. I saw this today thanks to a Robot 6 link in my google reader. I think this is getting closer. For me personally, I think the remaining grey area as a creator is questioning where is the line between telling a story true to the creator's vision and the point where it becomes a game for the reader? How much control do you give the reader? To me, the biggest difference between comics and movies is that in comics the reader controls time. They control their transition from panel to panel and page to page. The experiment above still fits that theory but the artist can have a greater control of focal points and reveals. The other question I have as a creator is how do I make that happen? How dependent would I have to be on Flash and the viewer/browser code. Right now as a creator all I need is a pencil and paper and I have to admit I'm a bit hesitant to start thinking about how to stage things for the viewer or browser. Well, hesitant isn't the right word. I work in IT so I'm not afraid of learning something and playing around with it but what I am weary of is time spent learning tricks that could have been spent, ya know, making comics. That said, it's definitely something to start thinking about and something I hope to play with soon.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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