21 March 2009

Saturday Rock Show: The Rage parts 3 & 4.

This is a short clip from a very long song I thought up when I was 17 called Rock Garden. I think the clip is short because I had a broken string. I'll probably post a longer version of the song at some point.

Skippy P. Nutbutter a.k.a. Trigger Mortis a.k.a. Michael Branscome sang this one. He wrote the lyrics too. The way The Rage usually worked was whoever wrote the lyrics sang them.  There was not a lot of thought or debate put into it.  I think part of that was that none of us could be bothered to remember the lyrics unless we wrote them down ourselves.  I think Point Blank was about Kurt Cobain but I'm not sure. It always made me think of Kurt Cobain either way. I always like this song. It showed a bit of the Pink Floyd influence that gets lost in the faster heavier stuff. A rehearsal recording of this song got a little college radio play. I remember driving somewhere late at night with some friends and hearing it on the radio unexpectedly. It was surreal.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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