11 April 2009

Saturday Rock Show: The Rage parts 8 and 9.

Jera Sessica was one of our more upbeat tunes. It's got this tongue in cheek thing going on that I think is funny. A lot of our songs were named the way you would name a pet. The name does not really have anything to do with the song. In this case, Jera Sessica is a name we used for Sarah Jessica Parker. This was years before Sex in the City. At the time Sarah Jessica Parker was just a really good regular guest on the original NBC Late Night With David Letterman. We really did not care about her TV shows or movies. We just watched a lot of Late Night and she was right up there with Harvey Pekar, Andy Kaufman, Crispin Glover and Teri Garr as one of Dave's best guests. We also had a song called Marisa Tomei Vigilante that did not have anything to do with Marisa Tomei or being a vigilante. I know. I know. This video from The Rage movie only contains about half the song. Maybe I'll dig up a longer version later.

This one is called Politically Correct. It's another of our poppier songs. Well, pop by The Rage's standards. It was a fun song to play. I dig the guitar riff. It's a Hendrix inspired thing I came up with when I was probably only 17. The song had some wicked drums. I dig it.

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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