21 May 2009

Spaghetti sketches.

One of my first minicomics was called Spaghetti Junktion. It was about some dudes in a junk/thrift/record/comic shop. I revisited those characters recently for a six page story in the Fluke anthology. That story is called "The Last Days of Analog" and takes place when the characters were still in high school. I don't want to post that story here yet because (1) folks need a chance to see it in the Fluke book first, ( 2) I have not formatted it for teh intronets yet and may decide to color it and (3) it's going to be in my graphic novel collection Sleepwalker. (Currently in production. Tedious, painful production. Making books is hard yo.)
So just for kicks (and partially because I was flipping through my sketch book and noticed these drawings) I've posted a couple of early sketches from when I was just trying to figure out how to do the characters as teenagers. I was shooting for an Archie feel but with early 90's wardrobe. You can see the finished story now by buying the Fluke anthology. Keep your intronets dialed in to Addicted to Distraction for more fun with the Spaghetti Junktion Kids. (As soon as I make more.)

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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