18 June 2009

Go buy my comics at HeroesCon!

Some of the saddest words I've ever had to tell teh intronets are "I won't be at HeroesCon this year". But happier news is that some of my comics will. I have a three page story, Welcome to the Nouveau Poore, in the new Dollar Bin book pictured above. Go buy seven copies!

I also have a six page Spaghetti Junktion story in the 2009 Fluke Anthology which can be found at the Wide Awake Press table. I hear they will have a few special variant covers. Variant covers are the spice of nerd life. Buy seven copies!
Neither of those stories have been posted on teh intronets yet and neither are in any of my other comics yet so they should be new to all of my "fans". (Unless you already got the Fluke book at Fluke.)
I think that both the WAP and Dollar Bin folks can be found on Indie Island. If not, look for a guy with a microphone and he might be a Dollar Biner. Look for the sexiest man in the room and that will be J. Chris Campbell from WAP. Buy everything else they have for sell too. Trust me. It will be awesome.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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