15 July 2009

Small Bible: The Old Testament the webcomic is complete. Tell a friend!

I published Small Bible: The Old Testament as a minicomic last year and it earned some nice critical praise and a good response from everyone I know that read it but I was too busy to really get the thing out there and help it find its audience. I have colored it and re-formatted it for teh intronets and now offer the complete book for free as a webcomic at Shannon Smith Comics. My goal has been to get some Bible imagery in front of comics fans that would not normally read the Bible and some comics imagery in front of Bible fans that would not normally read comics. I would really appreciate the help of anyone reading this to forward the link to any friends that fit either or both of those categories. Simply put, I've put more effort into this short little comic than any other artistic endeavor of my life and I would appreciate it if you would help the little thing find its audience. Thank you!

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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