28 July 2009

Wednesday Comics #3 a Twitter Review.

Wednesday Comics #3 publishes by DC comics. Available for $3.99 at comic book shops that don't suck and newsstands in Heaven.

I've been excited about Wednesday Comics since I first heard about it. I love newsprint and newspaper comics. I love the color, texture and smell of newsprint. It makes me happy. I also love creators like Paul Pope and characters like Adam Strange and Kamandi. Throw that all together and you can bet I will want it. However, I'm not fortunate enough to make it to comic shops very often so I missed the first issue. I did manage to pick up the 2nd and 3rd issue recently. I don't really cover a lot of mainstream comics stuff here or at file under other but I though it would be fun to tweet about this one as I read it. So I did. What follows is just a copy and paste of my tweets on this issue. I may or may not do this more often or not in the future. You can follow me on twitter just in case I do. So, here's what I thunked:

Batman= great. Azzarello and Risso are a perfect Batman team.

Kamandi= Genius. Perfect script, art, lettering, colors. Perfect comics. Beautiful. Other comics bow before your master.

Superman= unreadable. Bermejo can draw but the script is like an imitation of a script. Amateur. The colors are so ugly.

Deadman= Good fun. #3 really uses the big page well. Great looking stuff. Not enough story yet to make sense of it.

Green Lantern= super cool. New Frontier style. I've never got the GL fandom but if all the comics were this good I would.

Metamorpho= missed opportunity. The Allreds give beautiful art but Gaiman forgot the story. I hope they did not pay Neil.

Teen Titans= bland. I don't like that coloring style at all. Boring. My 7 year old Teen Titan fan daughter gave it a "meh".

(All your base are belong to Paul Pope.)

Strange Adventures
= Awe inspiring. THINGS HAPPEN IN EVERY PANEL! Dear comics community. Paul Pope is better than you.

Supergirl= You had me at Supergirl. Supergirl acting like, ya know, a girl? Check! Streaky? Check! + Krypto?! Hooray!

Metal Men= Ugh. I like the idea of it but the script is an impersonation of what an amateur thinks a comic should be like.

Wonder Woman= Colossal Fail. Unreadable. Wonder Woman is not even in it. Bad coloring. Worst Little Mermaid story ever.

Sgt. Rock= Yep, that's Sgt. Rock. Every thing I love about those comics made new again. Makes me want to buy old comics.

Flash= Pretty good. Fun with a laugh or two. Not the best Flash I've ready but pretty good. We can't all be Infantino.

Demon & Catwoman= Average DC comic. Formula. Nothing special. Stelfreeze draws a nice hag though.

(Do not click to enlarge because your brain will go THAKK!)

Hawkman= KA-THOOM! Now that's comics! I heart Kyle Baker. This one page has two of the best panels I've ever seen. Wow.

(Does it get better than that? Answer=no.)

Wednesday Comcis #3 conclusion= Great! Love the format. Kamandi! Pope! Baker! Wish it came delivered to my house every day.

One more thing I'll add that I did not tweet is that this thing should really cost about $1.00 but more importantly it should come out every week for ever and be on sale at every grocery store, newsstand, bus stop, etc. and it should be available for home delivery. Then, and only then, I might have hope for mankind.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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