28 August 2009

Side B and Wednesday Comics 5 at FUO.

I've been super busy and kind of slack on updating this blog with links to junk on my other blogs. I recently posted a review of the side B anthology here at file under other.
I also continued my twitter reviews of Wednesday Comics. I'm only up to #5 so far. I have #6 and #7. Maybe I'll get them covered soon. Maybe. Check out #5 at file under other.
I also have acknowledge the birthday of The King Jack Kirby. I think Patrick Dean sent me the above image of Jack (with Frank Zappa) in an email a while back for no reason at all other than it's awesomeness. I saved it on the computer knowing it would come in handy. I've been reading a lot of Kirby lately. He was above and beyond. I've really been enjoying Bully's tributes to the King. Check 'em out.
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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