06 August 2009

Wednesday Comics #4 a Twitter Review.

Welp, I've done ready done done it again already. last week I posted a twitter review of Wednesday Comics #4 but I've been sick this week so I never got around to posting it here. Now, I'm less sick so...

Batman= Smooth. Cool to see Bat-pants charm the ladies and play detective at the same time. Azzarello nails this stuff.

Kamandi= Beautiful. Amazing. "There shall be no escape from the hands of Baaku!" Oh yeah? Don't mess with my man Tuftan.

Superman= Please end Emo Superman now. Only Mark Waid, Grant Morrison or Shannon Smith should be allowed to write Superman.

Deadman= Fantastic. WAP! FWOOSH! SKREEE! Good fun.

Green Lantern= Forgivable. They slowed down this week to inject a plot into the story. I guess plots are okay.

Metamorpho= Now that's better. Nice to see Neil showed up and wrote something for this week. I love it when things happen.

Teen Titans= Weak. I want this too be good but the colors are so weak. Blue Beetle is grey. I'm guessing he should be blue.

Strange Adventures= Crazy awesome. Crazy @pulphope space girl on a crazy Paul Pope space horse thing. "Send forth the flyers!"

Supergirl= Very nice. Funny. Love Streaky. "What is wrong with you super pets?" I suggest Meow Mix.

Metal Men= Umm. I don't know. It's just kinda, ugh. Are they going to be in this bank for the next 8 weeks? C'mon.

Wonder Woman= I just can't even read it. Is Wonder Woman ever going to be in this comic? I like the Little Mermaid and all...

Sgt. Rock= Comfort comics. Not a lot of story progress this week but I'm happy to enjoy each panel of Joe Kubert goodness.

Flash= Now we're getting somewhere. Smart stuff. Poor Iris. And... Gorilla Grodd! This is shaping up to be some great Flash.

Demon & Catwoman= Pretty cool. Better. I like Stelfreeze's Demon. Colors are kinda murky but it's got a horror vibe.
Hawkman=HOLY EXPLETIVE! One of the best pages of comics I've ever seen. Space ships, monsters, swords, Hawkgirl WOW! Winner!

All in all another good comic. Still, overpriced by about $2.50. There are some weak links in this thing but Pope, Gibbons, Sook, Azzarello and Baker make up for the other guys. You make a book with those guys in it and I'm there. I'm sold. But, I still wish DC had brought some more heavy hitters. They could make a statement with this book but instead they give you a lame emo Superman with some of the ugliest colors ever and an unreadable Wonder Woman comic that does not even have Wonder Woman in it. Superman should be pranking Lois, out thinking Lex, goofing with Jimmy, punching out a gorilla, wearing funky disguises, traveling through time and saving the world all in about three panels. That's what Superman is. That's what Superman does. That's who Superman is. And as far as Wonder Woman goes, well, I mean, dang, having Wonder Woman in the comic would be a start.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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