19 October 2009

What the kids these days are really into is 80's comics.

Or at least that's what my kid is into. Hi there blogoverse! I've been real busy in case you missed me (and I know you did). I won't get into why I've been busy because it's all a total downer. Let's talk about happy things instead. Like comics! Any time I take my seven year old daughter Kassidy with me to a comic book shop I usually let her pick out some cheap comics from the back issues boxes. Recently she picked out a bunch of old Batman and the Outsiders comics from the 80's. These comics had colorful girl characters like Katana and Halo so I'm sure that is what jumped out at Kassidy. Plus, we likes us some Batman. (I'm sure The Outsiders showing up on Batman The Brave and the Bold also helped.) I never read these comics back in the day. I was much more team Marvel. I've been reading them when Kassidy is looking the other way and they are pretty cool. Lovely Jim Aparo art. They are so 80's team comics in that they try to touch on real world issues but, ya know with a crazy cast of misfit characters. Ah the 80's when all the heroes were either damaged goods or misfits. Kind of just like the 00's.
Here is a drawing Kassidy did of Katana. To see more of Kassidy's drawings click here. You'll even find some Spongebob art from little sister Alana.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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